Embedded Linux becomes more and more popular on the market of embedded and real-time operating systems. It’s destributed with source code, provides more rich capabilities than traditional real-time OS like VxWorks, QNX or RTEMS and is supported by open source community.

Embedded Linux is promoted by many companies including MontaVista, WindRiver. However one can create his own distribution.

OKTET Labs engineers have long-term experience with embedded Linux, particularly (but not only) MontaVista and SnapGear distributions.

We can:

  • Port Linux to a new processor architecture
  • Develop drivers for your hardware
  • Create BSP (Board Support Package) which integrates existing drivers and contains start-up code and board-specific drivers
  • Port existing software to Linux
  • Recommend and integrate packages to use for your particular product based on embedded Linux.

Our customers trust us