VxWorks is a commercial RTOS developed by WindRiver. Even though Embedded Linux becomes more and more pooular, VxWorks is still widely used in commercial real-time products.

OKTET Labs engineers have been involved in VxWorks related projects since 1996, and as a result we have rich experience in this area.

OKTET Labs provides the following services for VxWorks users:

  • Technical support (remote or at the client’s site)
  • Development of Board Support Packages (BSP) for proprietary and unsupported hardware platforms
  • Development of FLASH, UART, PCI, SCSI, Smart Cards, and other device and interface derivers
  • Development of network device drivers (END, NPT)
  • Development of alternative network protocol stacks and integration with VxWorks
  • System design consulting
  • Review of client’s hardware solutions and schematics
  • Software porting to VxWorks
  • Implementation of MIBs for SNMP agents (WindNet)
  • Testing of software and network protocols by means of OKTET Labs proprietary dedicated testing environment.

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